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Disposable Ventilated Nest Bowl
Price: $21.25
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Wood pulp nest bowl designed with both ventilation and lifting holes. Sold in groups of 25 bowls

Economy Nest Felt Pads (sold in groups of 10)
Price: $9.95
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Our nest felts provide a very comfortable, warm and hygienic environment. Made from natural animal hair. Ideal for plastic or clay nest bowls. Our nest felts are hand-washable for re-use.

Milled Rim Plastic Nest Bowl
Price: $2.95
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These bowls have a ventilation hole cut in the bottom so that air can circulate and help the nest to "breathe", and easy to clean. These bowls work especially well with the felt nest pads, and bowls are virtually indestructible under normal use.

Weave Airluxe Nest Bowl Weave Nestbowl Airluxe (Smisdom Product)
Price: $3.25
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Smisdom Product Item #: SP-WEAVNB -